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Agharkar Research Institute (ARI) established in 1946 under the auspices of Maharashtra Association for the Cultivation of Science (MACS) has developed and sustained high level expertise in mycology and plant pathology. Reputed mycologists of yesteryears have pioneered extensive studies on Indian fungi for over 60 years, which has received national and international recognition.

Fungal resources of India are huge, and mycologists have been working on fungi since the turn of last century and numerous novel and interesting forms have been described and reported from India which accommodates one of the largest biodiversity gene pools of the world. Application of fungi for biotechnological processes necessitates long term conservation of pure culture of wild strains, mutants and recombinants ensuring morphological and genetic stability. We wish to appeal to the community of research personnel involved in fungal biology and biotechnology in our country to deposit their valuable germplasm of fungi in this collection. We strive to conserve them under appropriate optimal conditions, and such deposits would contribute to the heritage of germplasm for future biological and biotechnological research in our country.

Department of Science and Technology (DST) Government of India has established a National Facility for Culture Collection of Fungi for Indian fungal germplasm collection, identification and conservation as a fitting recognition of established expertise in fungal biology at ARI.

The scientists of DST-National Facility are currently involved in research programmes related to diversity, systematic and bio-prospecting of fungi. The laboratory is well equipped with modern facilities and the research staff well trained in mycological research and in-vitro conservation of fungi.

International Symposium

45th Annual Meeting of Mycological Society of India (MSI) and International Symposium - Details