Fee structure per sample [w.e.f. 1st April 2017]

Proposed Services Non-Profit Organization (INR) Profit Organization (INR) GST
Supply of Fungal Culture (Active Culture) 750 2000 18%
Supply of Bioagent and other Industrially Important Fungi (Active Culture) 1000 3000 18%
Deposit and Accession of Fungal Culture in NFCCI 250 250 18%
Morphological Identification of Pure Culture 850 1000 18%
Morphological Identification of Fungal Culture and Digital Microscope Image 1500 2000 18%
Sequencing of ITS region (partial) and BLAST Analysis 4000 9000 18%
Sequencing of D1/D2 region of LSU and BLAST Analysis 5000 10000 18%
Sequencing of EF-lΑ gene(partial) and BLAST Analysis 5000 10000 18%
Sequencing of Β tubulin gene(partial) and BLAST Analysis 4000 9500 18%
Sequensing of ITS + EF-1α genes (partial) and BLAST Analysis 8500 15000 18%
Sequencing of ITS + β tubulin genes (partial) and BLAST Analysis 7500 14000 18%
Morphological Identification of Fungi Associated with Herbarium Specimen 850 1000 18%
Deposited and Accession of Herbarium Specimen in Ajrekar Mycological Herbarium(AMH) 250 1000 18%
TVC/CFU (Fungi) in Soil/Other Sample/Product 3500 5000 18%
Raising Axenic Culture from Freshly Collected Samples (including mushrooms) 2500 10000 18%
Purification of Fungal Culture 4500 8500 18%
PACKAGE-1: Morphological Identification, Brief Description, Digital Microscopic Image and Accession 2000 5000 18%
PACKAGE-2: Sequencing of ITS region(partial), Digital Microscopic Image, Brief Description and Accession 6500 12500 18%
Freeze Drying of Pure Culture (1-10 Ampoules) 4000 8000 18%
Applicable taxes are subject to change from time to time as per Gov rules/notification.
NFCCI also undertakes specific analysis related to fungi as per requirement, on per sample as well as turnkey project basis.

Terms and Conditions

  • The 'non profit organization' category includes students/staff of government recognized educational/ research institutes working on non-profit basis.
  • It is advisable to submit a maximum of 10 cultures in a lot, and at a time for fungal identification and deposition.
  • A minimum of two weeks are required for morphological and four weeks for molecular identification from the date of receipt of sample in proper condition at NFCCI, however identification may delay due to certain reasons, like non sporulation, no growth, etc.
  • Request for fungal culture by a student/project assistant/research associate needs endorsement by their supervisor or Head of the Department (HOD).
  • Fungal strain (s) are despatched / supplied within 10 days after receiving an order along with duly signed Form 4.
  • Fungal cultures are not supplied to the private address in case of ‘non profit category’.
  • Terms and conditions mentioned above and in forms 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 and fee structure may change from time to time without prior notice.

Guidelines, Terms and Conditions

All orders and payments should be placed through ARI-SAIF