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Fungi are important in the biosphere and greatly contribute to the biological variation in nature. They are the largest group of organisms in number on Earth next only to insects. Various applications of fungi necessitates germplasm conservation of wild strains, mutants and recombinants that has a vital role to play in diverse fields such as agriculture, medicine and industrial biotechnology through successful development of mycotechnology. However, dwindling expertise in fungal taxonomy is a matter of great concern.

National Fungal Culture Collection of India (NFCCI) organizes national level workshop on ‘Taxonomy, Ex- situ Conservation and Bioprospecting of Fungi’ for catering relevant training to young and budding researchers in thrust areas for sustainable utilization of indigenous mycological resources. In addition to national workshop, individual hands-on training on taxonomy (conventional and molecular), in-vitro culture and conservation of fungi are being provided for 8-10 days on request basis. [write to: Coordinator, NFCCI]

1st National Workshop [25th May to 8th June 2012]

DST-National Facility organized 1st national workshop from 25th May to 8th June 2012 at Agharkar Research Institute, Pune. The lectures and practical sessions were formulated to cover range of topic related to taxonomy, biology, conservation and bio-prospecting of diverse groups of fungi from terrestrial and aquatic sources. Specialized groups, like Lichens and Myxomycetes were also covered during workshop. Various lectures/talk were delivered on different topics related to theme of the workshop by eminent scientists/professors followed by hands-on practical sessions under the supervision of well trained scientists and technical staff of national facility. Fifteen participants from different academic and research institutions of nine different states of India attended the 1st national workshop.

Participants of 1st national workshop

2nd National Workshop [26th November to 10th December 2012]

The 2nd national workshop is scheduled from 26th November to 10th December 2012 at Agharkar Research Institute, Pune. During workshop lectures and practical sessions would be organized to cover range of topics including recent development in biodiversity and systematics of fungi. The ex situ conservation and application of fungi would be the integral part of the workshop. Eminent mycologists/scientists/professors of the country are expected to deliver lectures on different topics, viz., biodiversity, taxonomy,ex-situ conservation and bioprospecting of fungi.

With adequate mycological expertise National Fungal Culture Collection of India offers various services to academia, research institutes and industries in morphological & molecular identification of fungi, TVC/CFU analysis, deposition and accession of fungal culture and supply of authentic strains. These services are very well recognized by various academic & research institutions and private industries spread in more than 25 states in India.

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